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24 July 2017

A Financial Professional Aiming
to Serve the Community

Since a young age, Angela Fung (BSc in Quantitative Finance 2009) has held former Hong Kong Monetary Authority Chief Executive Joseph Yam Chi-kwong in high regard. Just like him, she wants to make use of her professional knowledge to give back to society. It should be something to aim for Angela has never doubted her ability. The word “can’t” does not exist in her dictionary. With perseverance, Angela has achieved excellence both academically and professionally. She believes that “with great ability comes great responsibility.” Even her busy work schedule does not keep her from staying true to her original aspirations continuing to volunteer in multiple organisations and keeping community service close to her heart.

Angela (2nd from left) and her team win First Runner-up and Best Written Plan with their campaign “Lots of Love” in the Booz & Company Social Venture Challenge

Setting Eyes on Financial Services

The Asian Financial Crisis hit Hong Kong hard in 1998, and the “battle” between the government and hedge funds was one of the most memorable events of the era. Angela was still in primary school, but was impressed by former HKMA Chief Executive Joseph Yam, who resolved a catastrophic crisis for Hong Kong with his extensive public policy and economics and finance experience. That prompted Angela to set sights on joining the government to work alongside the financial sector, and eventually led her into the world of finance.

With her exceptional academic performance and 9A’s in the HKCEE, she was accepted to CUHK Business School’s Quantitative Finance Program through the early admission scheme. She considers Quantitative Finance to be a well-rounded program. Besides economics, it also covers mathematical and analytical training. It significantly raises one’s logical thinking and analytical skills, which are crucial for today’s financial service professionals.

Angela (right) participates in volunteer service with Shaw College’s Rotaract Club, making a trip to an orphanage in Cambodia.

Angela chose to be the intern of an Administrative Officer in her second year of university, and from that experience she learnt about the difficulty in governance and realised that public service did not suit her. She consulted with several professors including Associate Dean Prof. Dennis Fan and decided to readjust her targets. “Finance is a dynamic and challenging industry. Individuals can accumulate professional experience and broaden their options based on their own abilities, and it matches my personality,” she says. In the third year, she turned to an investment bank for an internship instead. The experience focused her determination on a career in financial services.

Finding Pleasure in Work and Turning Stress into Motivation

Upon graduation, Angela was hired by HSBC. She was later recruited by Goldman Sachs, where she is now the Executive Director of its Securities Division. Being responsible for sales, she works closely with her customers to offer them strategic solutions. She believes that besides professional knowledge, one must also possess good communication skills.

Performing in sales is a make or break skill for investment bankers, and her colleagues are all industry elites, being comrades and competitors at the same time. Angela does not get stressed out from doing what she excels in and enjoys it immensely. Instead, she turns her source of stress into motivation. As a pragmatic person, she only focuses on the task in front of her. She is always well-prepared and plans strategically. Because she is willing to go the extra mile, her performance often exceeds her own high expectations.

Angela (5th from left) founded the Leo Club of Hong Kong Citizens. Members deepen understanding of themselves and utilise their strength from volunteering.

Angela acknowledges that her career has been smooth sailing so far, and she has not experienced any major setbacks. She believes this has to do with her fearless and positive attitude. “I only look forward. In the face of adversity, I don’t dwell on the negative for too long. I quickly move on to rational analysis to look for a solution, so upsetting things don’t really make me crack.”

Giving Back as a Volunteer

The motto “with great ability comes great responsibility” made a strong impression on Angela when she saw Spiderman as a little girl. Her desire to serve the community has not wavered since, and she has been a keen volunteer since she was an undergraduate. Even though her work schedule keeps her busy these days, she still takes time to volunteer. In 2010, she founded the non-profit Leo Club of Hong Kong Citizens. With the mission to pass the torch and spread the enthusiasm, the organisation aims to instil positive values in today’s youth. Besides that, she is also a Steering Committee Member of the Youth Arch Student Improvement Award.

Angela (right) poses with members of Leo Club of Hong Kong Citizens

Angela’s community work has changed her worldview. “From a young age, everything has been at my fingertips. My perceptive was quite ‘out of touch’. Now I understand that opportunities are limited to some people due to family, economic or health reasons. Working with young people at Leo Club has deepened my understanding of social issues. It makes me more in touch with reality.” Angela emphasises with the slogan of Youth Arch Student Improvement Award, “you’ll improve as long as you try,” because she thinks that devotion to a cause wholeheartedly will inspire like-minded people. Her husband and sister have been inspired by her dedication. They are both active volunteers who regularly give back to society.

Angela (right) returns to her alma mater to join an alumni gathering with graduates from Hong Kong and the mainland

Angela shares the same view with her husband when it comes to defining success. It is not about how much money but how much positive impact one makes. Self-improvement inspires others to better themselves. As long as one lives with passion, one will certainly live life to the fullest.

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