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Bamboo: A Lesson on Entrepreneurship


27 April 2018

Bamboo: A Lesson on Entrepreneurship

Fu Jin (EMBA (Chinese) 2013) is a Nanchang, Jiangxi native. He built his early career on financial services and held positions including Deputy Director, Large Local Business, Standard Chartered Bank and General Manager, Zhuhai Branch, Hang Seng Bank. Having accumulated more than a decade of work experience, he shifted to be in a startup business in 2013. With the vision of advancing Mainland education, he founded K12 Education and F&Z Group. He subsequently established Red Star Source Technology and partnered with business giants such as Xiaomi and Tencent to integrate applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) into various aspects of life including home, education and medicine. He is driven by the calling to improve people’s life.

Fu Jin (1st from right) attends a branch opening ceremony as the General Manager of the Hang Seng Bank Zhuhai Branch

A Solid Foundation Provides Nutrients for Entrepreneurship

Fu Jin compares himself to a bamboo plant for two reasons: First, bamboo is the Chinese radical of his surname; Second, he hopes that his career will keep growing and reaching new heights like the plant. Evergreen bamboo is the world’s fastest growing plant. Some species grow at an astounding two metres a day at their peak. Bamboo achieves this by expanding root mass, absorbing nutrients, and preparing for prime time during its early stages of life.

Prior to starting his own business, Fu Jin worked for top banks such as Bank of East Asia, Standard Chartered Bank and Hang Seng Bank. He established a strong network and accumulated solid work experience, which would become vital nutrients for his future business. “Banks play an important role in corporate operation. I made connections with many outstanding entrepreneurs during my banking years. My deep understanding of different industries and advanced knowledge of financing are some of the key factors that attribute to my later success.”

Fu Jin (2nd from right) officiates at the Thinking-based Teaching Demonstration Base, a key laboratory of the Modern Mathematics Education Department

CUHK Study Stimulates an
Entrepreneurial Mind

Working in Hong Kong, one of the top ten financial centres in the world, motivated Fu Jin to pursue further education and better his financial management knowledge. He enrolled in CUHK’s EMBA (Chinese) Program in 2011. “CUHK is one of the finest and oldest institutions in Hong Kong, and CUHK Business School’s EMBA has performed well in global rankings, so the bank recommended it to me.”

Fu Jin was in charge of the South China regional business back then, frequently going back and forth between Zhuhai and Zhongshan. He travelled to Hong Kong for lessons every month, and the program made a strong impression on him. “Our class was the first one to officially recruit Mainland students. About two-thirds of the classmates were from the Mainland, many of whom were entrepreneurs and senior executives. Our professors were very strict. Fortunately, I got along well with my classmates. We often gave each other professional advice and shared life moments.”

Fu Jin (far right) signs the partnership agreement with Bell, a UK education provider, on behalf of F&Z Group

Other than gaining knowledge, Fu Jin thinks that CUHK provoked him start his own business. “Our professors not only taught us how to be outstanding entrepreneurs but stressed that we should take our corporate social responsibility. It prompted me to do something meaningful for society and outline three goals — education, IT and medicine.”

Growing a Family Business Contributing to Society with Education

Four generations of Fu’s have devoted their lives to education. It all began with the century-old Sun Yat-sen Memorial Secondary School, and now the family runs the renowned Sanxin Education, one of the largest education providers in South China.

As the first step towards entrepreneurship, Fu Jin continued his family legacy and founded K12 Education. He collaborated with the Zhuhai Municipal Government to establish Sanxin Experimental School in the Zhuhai Hi-Tech Zone, which went on to become the largest civilian-run basic education provider in the area. Building on the National Education Framework, the school took advantage of the overseas K12 (from kindergarten to Year 12) curriculum and complemented it with in-house teaching materials. Through strengthening the training in various subjects such as English, music, art and dancing and offering a wide array of study tours, the system allows children to grow and learn with joy.

Fu Jin (3rd from left) attends the seventh General Meeting of the Zhuhai City Returned Overseas Chinese

Fu Jin later set up F&Z Group and teamed up with Bell, a UK education provider to establish Bell Fun & Zeal Education. It promotes international education development in Zhuhai and South China. Projects include planning and running international schools and English teaching training centres across the country and encouraging exchanges between Chinese and British youths. The collaboration was one of the 36 key Sino-British education partnerships in 2016.

Improving Life with Smart City Planning

Besides education, IT is another area of focus for Fu Jin. He founded Red Star Source Technology to specialise in the global trade of smart gadgets. With notable partners such as Xiaomi and Tencent, the company champions smart city development in China and thus improves people’s life.

Fu Jin always motivates himself to do his best and go after his dreams

Red Star Source Technology is the distributor of Xiaomi in regions including Macau, Indonesia, Vietnam and Dubai. Other than mobile phones, it also markets a host of smart home appliances such as laser projectors and robot vacuums to promote sales of below-the-line products. After the debut of a Mi Home Store in Hong Kong, Fu Jin is looking forward to opening more physical stores in Hong Kong and Macau universities in the near future.

Red Star Source Technology is also the distributor of Tencent in South China, marketing the entire range of Tencent Cloud products. He intends to capitalise on the prevalence of platforms like WeChat Pay to popularise AI services such as facial recognition and connect different mainland cities using cloud technologies.

Looking ahead, Fu Jin reveals that he is in negotiation with medical providers in Guangdong and Hong Kong to develop hospitals in Pearl River Delta, specialising in gynaecology, paediatrics, traditional Chinese medicine and palliative medicine. It is another aspiration to offer salvation to the weak and ill by supporting the National Two-child Policy and addressing ageing population issues.

Bamboo strives to cultivate and consolidate its roots. Once the time is right, it will reach unimaginable heights, much like Fu Jin’s career.

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