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4 November 2014


Dear Alumni,


As the Dean of CUHK Business School it has crossed my mind many times about the nice “coincidence” that has brought me back to the CUHK campus. Many years have passed since I was an undergraduate economics student at CUHK, but I still remember the tranquil feeling inspired by the lotus pond (Lake Ad Excellentiam).


It is my deep privilege to come back to my alma mater and take up the position of Dean of the Business School. CUHK Business School continues to be one of the pioneering business schools in Hong Kong, with its rich and long history of over 50 years in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The School has been offering a comprehensive set of programs at all levels, and has developed an extensive alumni network of 30,000 business professionals.


This impressive network both regional and international is one of the School’s greatest assets, facilitating wonderful friendships, business connections and opportunities for students, professionals and alumni alike. As our valued alumni, you play an important role in the exciting growth of our Business School. The Alumni and Corporate Affairs Office is dedicated to working closely with you, fostering deeper and stronger relationships.


Please join with me to continue this journey of developing one of the most extensive and connected business alumni networks in the world. I look forward to and am grateful for your further support of CUHK Business School and your alma mater.


Thank you.


Kalok Chan
Dean, CUHK Business School
Wei Lun Professor of Finance